ECO-ADVENTURE BY BIKE & KAYAK – An Unstoppable Combination

His kayak carries his BIKE across water, then his bike carries his KAYAK across the land! The ingenuity and innovation of many people came together to make possible it possible for Australian adventurer, Gary Muir, to take a memorable trip across parts of Scandinavia on his Bikes & Kayak Expedition. This is a story of how his go-anywhere boat-and-bike combination came to be. “In 1994 I had been involved as Project Leader in the planning of the remarkable Valley of the Giants Tree Top Walk situated in the fragile Tingle Forest of Walpole, Western Australia. This 40-meter high walkway through an … Continue reading ECO-ADVENTURE BY BIKE & KAYAK – An Unstoppable Combination


Marge and David Back, of Brule, Wisconsin, live what many boaters would consider the ideal lifestyle. They moved to northern Wisconsin to be minutes from the shores of the world’s largest freshwater lake (largest in terms of surface area); they sail regularly and for extended periods in their 28-foot sailboat; and they have a Sea Eagle 330 Sport Kayak to explore nearby sea caves…and to use as a yacht tender, too. What’s a yacht tender? It’s the small boat the owners of a large boat use to go from shore to their larger craft and back again. Or as Marge … Continue reading They SAIL & KAYAK the WORLD’S LARGEST LAKE


Please take this quick mental exercise: Imagine you’re looking out over the water. You see someone out there fishing. What do they look like? Chances are you imagine some guy with a tackle box, rod and reel, poking along, searching for that perfect fishing spot. And chances are you’d be wrong. 7,600,000 American women and growing You’d be wrong because many fishermen are fisher-WOMEN. Latest data from the American Sportfishing Association says that more than 7.6 MILLION women fish. That means 25% of all who drown worms are fisher-WOMEN. That’s one out of every four “fisherpersons.” Barb Carey, founder of WI … Continue reading WOMEN LOVE FISHING, TOO!

SAILING AMONG THE ICEBERGS in Greenland’s Tunulliarfik Fjord

He’s an artist, a photographer, a videographer, a poet, a musician, a professional chef…and a bonafide Sea Eagle adventurer. Gudmundur R. Ludviksson, an Icelander living at the southern tip of Greenland, is a Renaissance Man of the highest order. Gudmundur sent an email and several photos of his Sea Eagle boating adventures to our ongoing Photo Contest and we were intrigued. Hello, Sea Eagle, I sail my PaddelSki here in Greenland and it has been fantastic. It’s better than I thought it would be. I have sailed in stormy weather and it surprises me how well it works in strong winds … Continue reading SAILING AMONG THE ICEBERGS in Greenland’s Tunulliarfik Fjord

BOATING SAFETY FIRST — safe boating for great fishing

“My brother Michael and I are real big on boating safety,” says Raymond Perry, Sea Eagle 14 SR owner from Hurricane, West Virginia. Choosing a boat based on its safety was a major consideration for the Perrys.  “Of course we wear life preservers the whole time we’re on the water,” adds Raymond. “Better to float than sink!” “The Sea Eagle 14 SR is sound and stable. My brother liked it over all the other boats we looked at because it doesn’t sway when you stand up and cast,” says Raymond. “Some boats feel flimsy and tippy but the Sea Eagle’s large … Continue reading BOATING SAFETY FIRST — safe boating for great fishing


Here’s FoldCat fisherman, Wayne Grewcock, with one big British pike! One Big Pike  “This fish is a pike I caught with my FoldCat on the River Trent this summer. It weighed 13 lbs which is big for where we caught it. British pike can grow up to 40 lbs but it is very rare. My son has caught one at 25 lbs. It was a bright and sunny evening with no wind which is not very good for catching pike. But on this occasion this fish took my lure right next to the FoldCat and made me jump when it … Continue reading GREAT FISHING, GREAT FAMILY in England’s Midlands


Their home is a 65’ trawler; their “car” is a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak Do you ever wish you could quit your job, quit the rat race, get off the corporate treadmill, and sail off into the sunset? Diane and Ted Greene dreamed it…and then they did it. Ted was a Director of Information Technology in regional Canadian government; Diane managed big accounts in the software industry. Both grew tired of the stressful grind. And in 2004, they changed their lives by stepping off the corporate treadmill and into their new home, a 65’ custom-built trawler. Full-time “live-aboards” Now the … Continue reading “WE LEFT THE CORPORATE WORLD and LIVE ON A BOAT FULL TIME”


— Outdoorsy couple finds the perfect family activity – kids and all Mike Sutton and his wife Carolyn live on the shores of Lake Ontario, at Ashbridges Bay near Toronto, Canada. They have two young children and a Sea Eagle 370 Sport Kayak. But when the kids came along… The Suttons are what Mike calls “outdoorsy types.” For example, “We went boating the morning of our wedding in the Muskokas, Canada’s ‘land of lakes.’ We’ve paddled Lake Moraine near Banff, Alberta; sea kayaked off Quadra, Vancouver Island and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.” Things got a little less outdoorsy when Ben came along … Continue reading SEA EAGLE BOATING WITH KIDS

KAYAKING IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC — Adventures in Paupa New Guinea

It’s always fascinating to hear from Sea Eagle boaters from all around the globe and learn about their boating experiences half a world away. We recently received an email from Paul and Bev Hinton who call Austrailia home but live and work in Paupa New Guinea (PNG) in the gold mining industry. They own a Sea Eagle 420 Explorer Kayak. “We are based in Paupa New Guinea…” “My wife Bev and I work for an Newcrest Mining, a large Australian gold mining company. We are currently based at Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG). I am commissioning manager for … Continue reading KAYAKING IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC — Adventures in Paupa New Guinea