I’M 80 YEARS YOUNG and I’m NOT giving up my fishing & boating enjoyment!

“This is my story of my experience with Sea Eagle and the STS10 Stealth Stalker. I appreciate that most blogs consist of pages of verbiage explaining the story line. I have taken an old approach of “a picture is worth a thousand words”…

My age and health don’t rule my life!

The following slide presentation includes captioned pictures covering the arrival of my boat, first assembly, shoreline assembly, and finally on the water. It continues with additional captioned pictures covering my stubbornness of not letting my health and energy rule my life.

B27 copyJohn’s worked around age-related problems so he can still do what he loves

My good buddy helped me with the very first maiden voyage last fall. We loaded the car, unloaded the car, inflated and loaded the boat, launched, tested on the water, hauled it up and onto shore, deflated, folded and packed everything into the car. Got home and unloaded the car and put things away in the garage. I’m 80 years old and my buddy suggested I get a trailer to make things easier. My reasons for going to a trailer for my STS10 were very simply an “age related” problem. Too old and not enough energy. COPD was also not helping the situation.

My call went out to my son to get working on a set of plans to modify a standard 4 x 8 trailer to transport my very personal and special boat. We took the winter months to plan and change, and plan and change again.

I do love my STS10 boat. I was not going to sacrifice my enjoyment!”

— John Nichols, STS10 Owner, Machesney Park, IL


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