Sea Eagle’s PackFish7™ is lightweight, easy to transport and remarkably steady making it the perfect choice for Larry to target lunkers well off the beaten track.

For Larry Lutton, the release of Sea Eagle’s new PackFish7™ couldn’t have come at a better time.

“I was just about to buy a float tube and kicking fins when I saw an ad for the new PackFish7™, which had just been released. What a break that turned out to be. I’m so pleased the way things ended up.”

Lutton, 69, loves to fish in the beautiful rivers, lakes and reservoirs around Salt Lake City, Utah. He regularly targets rainbow, brown, brook and tiger trout on these waters with both fly-fishing and spinning gear and now his new PackFish7™ gets him off the shoreline, out among the lunkers in comfort and style.

“I have a bad back,” explains Lutton, “but I’m able to transport, inflate, launch, paddle and break down my PackFish with no trouble at all. It’s easy to row and the four tracking strips on the bottom keep it going straight ahead so it isn’t easily blown off course by the wind. The entire boat weighs a very manageable 32 pounds – with the floor board inserted! Packed away, it fits in my Mini Cooper for easy transport so I can head up to my favorite lakes and reservoirs for a day of fishing. If you purchase the optional back straps, it is very easy to hike into the lake after the PackFish has been inflated, even with the floorboard in place. It takes only five minutes to inflate everything using the foot pump and the two side pouches have enough room for extra tackle, fly boxes and water bottles.”


Lutton’s PackFish7™ and SE 370 both fit right on top of his Mini Cooper, making them ideal for a quick and easy getaway to his favorite mountain rivers and lakes.

About those floor boards: Lutton loves them!  “It adds a degree of stability and safety that other inflatable rafts don’t have,” he states. “I’ve had inflatable rafts before and getting into them is like stepping onto a waterbed. With the PackFish7™, I can get in and out very easily and actually stand-up and fish if I want to.”

Most of the time Lutton prefers to fish from a seated position and that, he says, has worked just fine so far because the seat rides high enough to be comfortable while also providing a good look into the depths below. “I spent three hours sitting and fly-casting the other day and my back felt great,” he added. “Everything about his boat is well thought out. There are two big pouches for storing gear, two rod holders, and the oars can be left hands-free or secured to the side with hook & loop closure straps when I’m casting and landing fish. The PackFish7™ is comfortable, stable, lightweight, easy to maneuver and – unlike conventional float tubes and kick boats – you stay dry! I really think the Pack is a terrific choice for anglers of any age – even old-timers like me.”

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With his new PackFish7™, Larry Lutton can now easily get off the shore even in remote waters, expanding his opportunities to connect with trophy fish.

Lutton, it should be noted, is no stranger to Sea Eagle products. He also owns a SE370 kayak, which he takes out paddling with his wife, Carol, and their friends who introduced them to the SE370. “What my wife likes about the Sea Eagle is how stable it is,” he explains. “Unlike hard shell kayaks and canoes, you never feel like you are going to roll over. The inflatable floor makes it easy to step in and out of as well.”

“We also like that the seats on that inflatable kayak have flexible positioning – so my wife and I can adjust them to fit our own needs even if we switch places during the course of a trip. With only one seat it is still easy to paddle and makes for a great one-person kayak.”


In addition to the PackFish7™, Larry Lutton also enjoys family time aboard his SE370.

Lutton hopes to squeeze in a lot of fishing and paddling over the remainder of the summer and fall seasons. “With my new PackFish7™ I can cover a lot more water than I could in a float tube,” he says, “…..and I plan to take full advantage of that opportunity. My first love is fly fishing streams and rivers, but the PackFish will get me out on my favorite little lakes in the Uintah Mountains for some still water fly-fishing that was otherwise difficult, if not impossible to do from shore.”

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