TAKE YOUR DOG KAYAKING — Enjoy kayaking adventures with Man’s Best Friend

Ki (say, "Kee") is rarin' to go on any adventure, especially when it's in the Sea Eagle 385ft with her owner constant companion, Tim Middleton.

Ki (pronounced “Kee”) is rarin’ to go on any adventure, especially when it’s in the Sea Eagle® FastTrack™ 385ft with her owner constant companion, Tim Middleton.

Love dogs? Love boating? Then consider combining the two. Dog owner, Tim Middleton, does just that with his rescue dog, Ki, and his Sea Eagle® FastTrack™ 385ft. The result? Both Tim and Ki enjoy fun, exercise, and great companionship out in nature.

Kayaking’s fabulous for dogs…and dog owners

“I love my dog, Ki, pronounced ‘Kee.’ She’s a rescue dog, just a year old. She’s very active, jumps around, runs, and has a great puppy attitude. She really enjoys playing in streams and loves water. She’s also very photogenic and, as a photographer, I enjoy taking pictures of her.

Tim takes a break from paddling California's Mono Lake in his FastTrack. Fun in the sun...does it get any better than this?

Tim takes a break from paddling California’s Mono Lake in his FastTrack™. Fun in the sun…does it get any better than this?

I have a Sea Eagle® FastTrack™ 385ft and Ki loves to go kayaking with me. You can see in the photos I got her a life vest. This kayak is fabulous for a dog. The big sidewall tubes make it comfortable. It’s not hard and slippery like a hard hull kayak, so she doesn’t skid around. She’s an outdoor dog and her toenails are sharp but that’s not an issue in the Sea Eagle®.

When I researched boats online, it was easy to see that Sea Eagle® was a top of the line company. They’d been around a long time; I watched the videos on their website.

“FastTrack™ impressed me as versatile, strong, good value.”

I looked at all Sea Eagle’s models. Some were fishing-oriented; not what I was looking for. I wanted versatility, smooth and straight travel and that led me to the FastTrack™. I considered a 1-person FastTrack™ vs. a 2-person, and ended up with the 2-person 385ft. I was really impressed with its load capacity of over 600 lbs. You could pack a lot of water, for example, on a long kayak trip. The FastTrack™ impressed me as versatile, strong, and a good value. It has an excellent warranty — that says a lot about the boat’s quality.

This boat is solid and I’m impressed every time I take it out. It has tremendous stability and durability. I’ve been in some inflatables where you worry about punctures — even worry about having keys in your pocket. But I feel 100% secure in the Sea Eagle® FastTrack™. It’s super solid.

Packs small, stores easily

And I love that this boat is inflatable, not a fixed-length, rigid hull kayak. I can deflate and pack up my Sea Eagle® and it doesn’t take up a huge amount of space when I’m not using it. I take good care of it; I wash and dry it before I put it away after each use.

I’ve done a lot of outdoor adventuring like rock climbing, ice climbing, and backpacking. But as I get older, I enjoy lower impact exercise like mountain biking and kayaking. Kayaking fits in well because it’s a great way to get outdoors and exercise, especially upper body exercise.

You can just about hear Ki asking Tim, "Hey, what's going on down there in the water?" Standing on the FastTrack's inflated tubes, she's ready to spring into action.

You can just about hear Ki asking Tim, “Hey, what’s going on down there in the water?” Standing on the FastTrack’s inflated tubes, she’s ready to spring into action.

“Why spend $1,000 on a gym membership when…”

So far, Ki and I have done day excursions on the Owens River, Twin Lakes near Mammoth Lakes, California, and other nearby lakes. But I saw Sea Eagle’s blog post about exploring the Slot Canyons in Lake Mead and I’m thinking of going there. I’m planning a kayaking trip to Mexico’s Baja California peninsula to go sea kayaking in the Sea of Cortez. I’m waiting for Ki to grow up a bit first!

Kayaking puts you out in nature, on the water. Owning a Sea Eagle® gets you outdoors and into a natural environment. I figure, why spend $1,000 on a gym membership when, for the same money, you can have a high-quality boat that gives you exercise and gets you out in nature.

“Really well thought out design.”

Quality? I’ve been extremely satisfied and impressed with my FastTrack’s quality. It’s really well thought out and designed. You can see that good thinking went into it. It’s strong and stable; you can even stand up in it. It’s smooth in the water and the skeg helps it track straight. And it’s nice that the skeg is removable. If someone’s looking for boating versatility and quality, I’d recommend Sea Eagle® inflatables.”

— Tim Middleton and his dog, Ki, love their Sea Eagle® FastTrack™ 385ft. Tim, a photographer, is working on a book, The Adventures of Ki. “Dogs send a message of being in the moment as they play. My book focuses on encouraging kids to get away from the TV, get outside and play!”

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  1. I have 3 small dogs and this summer I would like to try taking at least one out in our Sea Eagle 330 or 370.

    I would like to hear from anyone who takes their dogs out on Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks.

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