My Solar Powered FishSkiff

  By Cecil Hoge, President of Sea Eagle Boats, Inc. Several years ago I wrote a blog story called, “My Solar Power Dream”. In it, I outlined my efforts to create a solar-powered boat that really worked. That experiment was more dream than reality. At the time, I had put a solar panel on an inflatable sailing catamaran and hooked it up to a lithium battery that powered a Torqeedo electric motor. In the years leading up to that experiment, I had tried a number of solar panels, most of which did very little. On my sailing catamaran, I hooked … Continue reading My Solar Powered FishSkiff

PADDLING WITH SEALS – Winter Paddling and the Ever Changing Scenery

By Cecil Hoge I paddle pretty much all year round. Since I live on the water this is not very difficult to do; I just have to walk about 100 feet to the water. The other day this feller (he or she, I am not sure which) greeted me on my dock. I am fairly used to seeing seals out in one of the bays in the middle of winter, but I must admit that I was quite surprised to find this feller taking a break on my dock. Aside from the relatively short period when the bay is frozen … Continue reading PADDLING WITH SEALS – Winter Paddling and the Ever Changing Scenery

My Solar Power Dream

I started experimenting with solar panels about 10 years ago. I bought various solar panels from West Marine and other sources to “trickle charge” my 12 volt, deep cycle lead acid battery. At the time I was using a MinnKota Rip Tide 55 electric motor. The MinnKota motor was extremely reliable, totally resistant to salt water, but it delivered very little power – I often was unable to motor against a high wind or a strong tide in the bays near my home. In addition, the MinnKota was pretty heavy, especially when you considered the 50 lb. weight of the … Continue reading My Solar Power Dream