BOATING SAFETY FIRST — safe boating for great fishing

Raymond Perry emailed us this photo recently of this largemouth bass he caught on Elk Fork Lake, West Virginia.

“My brother Michael and i went out on Elk Fork Lake yesterday. Gave the New 14SR a test run, she did great, its all about families doing things together and Sea Eagle is making that happen. We fished a few hours, did not catch any Bass or Catfish that day. That’s the way fishing goes at times, but we had fun being out in the 14 SR and as you can see the water was very muddy. The new 14SR performed great and we both enjoyed the nice day on the lake. We watch for wildlife — you may see anything from a deer to a raccoon or a happy cow sometimes. We are going to send some picture as we catch fish also. Thanks, Raymond”

“My brother Michael and I are real big on boating safety,” says Raymond Perry, Sea Eagle 14 SR owner from Hurricane, West Virginia. Choosing a boat based on its safety was a major consideration for the Perrys.  “Of course we wear life preservers the whole time we’re on the water,” adds Raymond. “Better to float than sink!”

“The Sea Eagle 14 SR is sound and stable. My brother liked it over all the other boats we looked at because it doesn’t sway when you stand up and cast,” says Raymond. “Some boats feel flimsy and tippy but the Sea Eagle’s large pontoons make it stable in the water.  You could stand on the pontoons!”

Favorite of rescue teams, fire departments

A popular choice by police, fire departments, and rescue teams, the Sea Eagle 14 SR is one big, rugged inflatable boat. Measuring a full 14’ long and 6’ wide, it has a big 84 sq. ft. footprint that distributes the weight of passengers and cargo. With weight spread over that big an area, the 14 SR is solid and stable in the water. Heavy duty, 19” diameter wraparound tubes made of 1000 denier reinforced marine material form the boat’s sides and gunwales. And flat, rigid polyethylene floorboards give firm, stable footing.

“We chose Sea Eagle because they make one of the best boats there is,” says Raymond. “We looked at all kinds but had our eye on the Sea Eagle because of the way they’re built — strong and safe.”

Lots of room for friends

“We chose the 14 SR because we felt it’s the most stable of Sea Eagle’s boats,” Raymond told us, “and because it’s big enough for us to haul some of our friends when we go out fishing. They love it. Sea Eagle makes a lot of great boats but the SR has the most room.”

“You should see the looks we get,” Raymond continued. “Even people with $50,000 bass boats stop us and ask about it. It’s a good looking boat and others are amazed by it because it’s lightweight and can go more places than their big boats.”

Many of the brothers’ nearby lakes limit motors to 10HP. Raymond’s just under the wire with a 9.9HP 4-stroke Nissan outboard on his 14 SR. “That’s plenty,” he tells us. .

“We’ve caught more fish than at any time in our lives.”

For Raymond and Michael, boating’s all about fishing. “We fish for bass, catfish, trout, bluegills, and more,” says Raymond. Their local haunts include Elk Fork Lake near Ripley, West Virginia, and stretches of the Ohio River.

“We’ve fished for years but the 14 SR has opened up so many areas we can go now that we couldn’t before.”

Ray explained. “A regular bass boat will bottom out in shallow water but the Sea Eagle has a shallow draft — it sits higher in the water.” Ray says he and Michael can ease in and tilt the motor up, put the oars in, and get into shallow areas where the fish are. “We’ve caught more fish than at any time in our lives.”

Some Sea Eagle boaters, like Raymond and Michael, like to trailer their boats. Most carry them deflated in the car trunk or pickup truck bed and inflate them at the water's edge.

All Sea Eagles are inflatable — a major advantage because you don’t need to trailer it. Trailering’s is not necessary when you can deflate your boat and throw it in your car trunk. But some boaters like Ray and Michael prefer to trailer their Sea Eagle. “We put it on a trailer because it’s easiest for us. One man can load and unload.”

It’s all about the fish

The Perry brothers love fishing and their Sea Eagle. Raymond says, “Michael and I have the greatest time fishing in our 14 SR. Thank you, Sea Eagle!”

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