Here's FoldCat fisherman, Wayne Grewcock, with one big pike

Here’s FoldCat fisherman, Wayne Grewcock, with one big British pike!

One Big Pike

 “This fish is a pike I caught with my FoldCat on the River Trent this summer. It weighed 13 lbs which is big for where we caught it. British pike can grow up to 40 lbs but it is very rare. My son has caught one at 25 lbs.

It was a bright and sunny evening with no wind which is not very good for catching pike. But on this occasion this fish took my lure right next to the FoldCat and made me jump when it hit because I wasn’t expecting it. This fish pulled me and my son almost 20 yards upstream before we could land it.”

Wayne Grewcock is a licensed skipper, a dedicated fisherman, and a Sea Eagle FoldCat owner who lives in Ashby de la Zouch (prounounced “Zoosh”) in Liecestershire, England.

“I’ve boated for 20 years, mostly sea fishing,” says Wayne. “I have a skipper’s license but now I boat for pleasure.” And pleasure means three things for Wayne: fishing; fishing with his three sons, Wayne Jr., Keeran, and Michael; and taking his beautiful granddaughters, Elizabeth and Olivia, out for boat rides.

Here’s Wayne’s youngest son, Michael, out for a spin in Dad’s FoldCat. His loyal but furry companion is named Jack. Wayne says, “Jack will sit on that seat all day long. I’ll go out in the FoldCat if Jack will let me have a seat.”

Wayne’s youngest son, Michael, takes a spin in Dad’s FoldCat. His loyal but furry companion is named Jack. Wayne says, “Jack will sit on that seat all day long. I’ll go out in the FoldCat if Jack will let me have a seat.”

“The only boating I do these days is with my Sea Eagle FoldCat,” Wayne told us. “I fish mainly in rivers and canals in England’s Midlands.” You’ll frequently find Wayne on the River Trent, one of England’s major waterways. “The Trent is very fast and challenging,” says Wayne. It’s also unusual in that it flows north in the latter part of its course. Closer to home, Wayne boats and fishes nearby canals and the River Soar that’s “a lot slower but very deep – up to 16 feet deep,” says Wayne.

Big fish in England’s rivers & canals

Legend has it that King Richard III of England was “buried at sea” in the Soar. But Wayne’s not searching for the old king. “I’ve caught many fish including perch, chub, pike, and zander up to about 20 lbs,” Wayne tells us. Zander is a popular game fish in Europe, occasionally tipping the scales at over 40 lbs.

“Fishing is a way of life for me and my three sons.”

“I have 3 sons,” says Wayne, “all fishermen, so this little boat is out on the water five days a week for seven months of the year. Fishing is a way of life for me and my three sons. It’s a lovely way to spend personal time with each son. The challenge and sport of fishing – the desire to catch a bigger fish than last time — is addictive. I find boating and fishing so peaceful. I feel I’m part of the nature and wildlife around me, not an intruder.”

“The young man is Michael again with my grandchildren Elizabeth 8 and her sister Olivia 6, We were taking them for some pop and crisps at the pub down the canal for a treat.

We asked Wayne to tell us more about his experiences with the FoldCat. “My Sea Eagle FoldCat 375 has done many miles over the four years I’ve owned it. I use it mainly for fishing and occasionally take my grandchildren for a ride. I take it out whenever I can if my son’s dog, Jack, lets me have my seat. The FoldCat is a fantastic boat — so quick, simple, and reliable. And most of all it’s very robust.

I chose Sea Eagle because the price. I did some research on the internet and found some good reviews. The material you use for the tubes persuaded me to buy. And I chose the FoldCat because it’s easy to carry around and to transport, and for the quickness for getting in and out the water —  inflating and deflating. The swivel seats are comfortable and make it easy to turn around. And it’s stable in the water.

Fishing in canals – no waiting at locks

A lot of fishing in Britain is on canals where there are locks to go through. One of my sons can carry the FoldCat around so we don’t have to wait to go through the locks. The electric motor makes this boat so quiet, it helps you sneak up on fish which is a big bonus. The only thing my little boat lacks is an attachment for the seat for a cup holder and a small compartment for car keys and mobile phones etc.

The only FoldCat in England?

I have never seen another FoldCat in England but the interest we get when we’re on the water is unbelievable. People are fascinated. We get stopped so many times asking where it’s from and how much it costs. I would highly recommend it to my friends, relatives, and anybody else.”

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  1. I am 100% Disabled Vet. from the Army. I have seizures and I will be using my boat when I get my new service dog. He will be trained to pull me out of the water or tow the boat to safety. So I can’t wait to try it out. I got my 440 about Dec. 2010 I am going crazy waiting.

    I hope you will having a lot of fun with your 375

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