Their home is a 65’ trawler; their “car” is a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

Every day’s a great day when you live full-time aboard your own boat. The Greenes “commute” between Toronto, Canada and the Bahamas

While living in the Bahamas, and living full time aboard Boatel I, the Greenes use their Sea Eagle Adventure Kayak as their “car” to go from boat to shore and back again.

Do you ever wish you could quit your job, quit the rat race, get off the corporate treadmill, and sail off into the sunset? Diane and Ted Greene dreamed it…and then they did it.

Ted was a Director of Information Technology in regional Canadian government; Diane managed big accounts in the software industry. Both grew tired of the stressful grind. And in 2004, they changed their lives by stepping off the corporate treadmill and into their new home, a 65’ custom-built trawler.

Full-time “live-aboards”

Now the Greenes are “live-aboards,” living full time on the water…and loving it. No lawn to mow, no property taxes to pay. “We prefer a living on a boat,” says Ted. “It’s a lifestyle,” says Diane. “We love living on the water. We can move anywhere we like.”

And they do move. The Ted and Diane sail south to spend eight months of the year in the Bahamas. Then they sail north to spend four summer months in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Summers in Toronto, they open their floating home to travelers as “Making Waves Boatel,”  Toronto’s only floating Boat Bed & Breakfast. Docked full time at Toronto’s Harbourfront, the Greene’s “boatel” offers unique accommodations for visitors…and great breakfasts.

In the Bahamas, Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is their “car”

At summer’s end, Diane and Ted take down their boatel shingle for the season and sail their trawler to the Bahamas where they anchor offshore in Georgetown’s Great Exuma Harbor. Just as land-dwellers need cars to get around, the Greenes need a yacht tender – a smaller boat to go between shore and their big trawler. They have an inflatable dinghy and a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak.  “The dinghy is our work boat,” for supplies and groceries, says Diane. “The Explorer Kayak is our pleasure boat.”

Ted brings home the bacon, spearing a 4 lb. lobster in the Bahamas.

And the pleasure may be anything from exploring in the mangroves, to fishing, snorkeling, or spearing a lobster for that evening’s dinner.

“We go to Conception Island Land and Sea Park in the Bahamas,” says Diane. “No motors allowed, paddling only. We go into the inner lagoon through a series of shallow channels. We see turtles there.”

Kayak envy

“We wanted a kayak but didn’t know what we needed,” said Diane. “Ted’s brother-in-law has a Sea Eagle. He described it, recommended it, and we bought one. We’ve been real happy with our Explorer Kayak.”

“Every time we go out in the Explorer Kayak, people ask us ‘What is that? Where did you get it?’ I think they have kayak envy.” Diane says, “Our kayak has the web address printed on it, SeaEagle.com , and we tell people to go there to see them.”

The Greenes found a way to make their Sea Eagle pay its own way. “We rent our Sea Eagle to our Boatel guests,” says Diane. “They’ll boat from where we dock along the Toronto waterfront through the harbor and out to an island where they go swimming.”

Home Sweet Boat — Ted & Diane Greene at home on their 65′ trawler

Winters in the Bahamas, summers operating a one-of-a-kind, floating B&B, all the while tooting around in a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak “pleasure boat.” Wouldn’t you quit your job for a lifestyle like that?

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