GROWING UP BOATING IN SINGAPORE — Vincent tells his story

You’ll often find the Boey family and their Sea Eagle PaddleSki, set up as a sailboat, in the waters around Singapore

If you love boating, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, or other aquatic adventures, put Singapore on your must-see list. We talked recently with Singaporean, Vincent Boey, who told us of his life-long love of boating and how he’s enjoying passing his love of the outdoors on to his children.

“Singapore is blessed with a tropical climate and an abundance of open water,” Vincent told us, “which makes it ideal for water recreation all year around.”

“As a child,” Vincent continues, “I was always fascinated with the outdoors. During school holidays, I’d gather a few good friends and we’d spend days of fun camping, fishing, sailing, and simply enjoying the outdoors. Nature and the sea have taught me teamwork, independence, fear, and respect among other things.”

Clarence, Vanessa, and Vincent set up their Sea Eagle PaddleSki as a kayak for paddling fun

Water Everywhere!

Singapore, formally the Republic of Singapore, is an island country off the Malay Peninsula in Southeast Asia, just 85 miles north of the equator. It’s a cluster of islands — the largest, Singapore Island, and 62 smaller, largely uninhabited ones.

There’s water, and easy water access, at every turn. To the north, between Singapore and Malaysia, are the Straits of Johor. The famous Lido Beach, on the Malaysian side, is a popular and beautiful spot.

To the south, separating Singapore from Indonesia, is the Singapore Strait, a busy, deepwater point of entry to the Port of Singapore. Among Singapore Island’s many rivers is the historic Singapore River — the mouth of which was the original port of entry to Singapore.

Family Boating & Family Bonding

Vincent tells us, “The outdoors is a big classroom where many valuable lessons can be taught and learned. My lovely wife, Christine, though not an outdoor person, is rather accommodating and joins me on outdoor trips. When our children, Vanessa and Clarence, came along we took every opportunity to get outdoors to enjoy and savor Nature.

I remembered the thrill and excitement in their eyes when my children first saw a shooting star. When they grew older, I decided to expose them to water adventure and sailing. I searched the web and chanced on the SeaEagle 435Ps PaddleSki. It’s an ideal boat for our needs. Its five-boats-in-one versatility is like owning 5 boats for the price of one. It provides safety, stability, durability, and was certainly worth the investment. Its ease of storage, transport, and utility is truly a boon.”

Five boats in one

Vincent’s inflatable Sea Eagle PaddleSki is a unique nautical chameleon that’s easily set up as five different craft. It’s an easy-paddling kayak. Attach an outboard motor and get where you’re going effortlessly. Set up with oars and a sliding seat, it’s an on-water rowing/exercise machine. With a sail rig, it glides silently across the water. And decked out as a fishing boat, it’s roomy and comfortable.

Family man, family bonding

Vincent expresses thoughts every family man has. “Due to the nature of my work, time with my family is extremely valuable to me. Whenever possible, we take the Paddleski out for a great outdoor adventure and family bonding time. We go fishing or simply enjoy ourselves sailing in the open waters of Pasir Ris, Changi, and East Coast Park.

If there are good winds, we do some sailing. Otherwise, we’d set up the Paddleski as a kayak and paddle. Or we mount our Minn Kota outboard motor. If the tides are good, we do some fishing. Depending on the time of the year and luck, we catch fish like sea bass or snapper. The kids do some swimming or just laze away on the beach having fun. Thank you, SeaEagle, for the affordable and high quality product I’m proud to own.”

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  1. Sea eagle not available locally. You have to mail order from US. Check their website for details. Vincent can email me as I have some questions for you?

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