TEEN-TESTED, DAD-APPROVED — Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat is this young fisherman’s dream boat

Sea Eagle 285fpb Stand Up Casting

Sea Eagle 285fpb owner Mitch Moline catches a fish

Mitch Moline is 14 years old and nuts about fishing. And pursuing his passion is an everyday event for Mitch — he lives at a lakeside resort his parents own.

We visited Mitch and his family at their Afterglow Lake Resort outside Phelps, Wisconsin. Built in 1949, the resort spans 240 wooded acres and is surrounded by the Nicolet National Forest. Their privately-owned, spring-fed Afterglow Lake measures 33 big acres and teems with bluegills and bass. “The bass are really big and nice,” reports Mitch.

“Holding that fish was the coolest thing I ever did.”

Mitch got hooked on fishing Afterglow Lake young. “I was about nine when I caught my first big bass. I held it and it was the coolest thing I ever did,” says Mitch. As a pre-teen he fished from shore. As he grew older, he fished from old rowboat. “But,” says Mitch, “the rowboat was too big for me to handle.”

Then Mitch spotted his dream boat. “I was looking for lures in the back of a fishing magazine,” says Mitch, “when I saw an ad for Sea Eagle.” Being somewhat light on funds at his young age, Mitch turned to his parents for financial aid. “I begged and begged my parents for a Sea Eagle.” What parent could resist a son who wants to fish rather than watch TV? “It was the best birthday present I’ve ever gotten,” says Mitch with a happy smile.

He’d rather fish than watch TV


Sea Eagle 285fpb father and son

Mitch’s parents agreed willingly. “I’ve always encouraged Mitch to get outside and I’m really glad he’d rather fish than watch TV,” says his dad, Pete Moline. “I saw a report that kids spend an average of seven hours a day on TV, phone, and video games.” Most parents would agree with Pete when he says, “Any time you can get your kid outside fishing and having fun is more important than playing a video game.”

“It’s a great fishing boat.”

From a fisherman’s point of view, Mitch gives the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat two big thumbs up. “It’s set up for fishing. You’re high up off the water so you can see the fish before they can see you. I really like its hard floors and the bait holders, too. The net that is right by your feet helps hold your fish while you are getting the hook out. It’s a great fishing boat, light, easy to maneuver, stable, and easy to row.”

Safety in mind.

Mitch and his parents shopped carefully, with safety in mind. “It was important to us to buy a boat that’s safe,” says Pete. “This Sea Eagle is safe and stable, even when Mitch is standing. He’s a fly fisherman, so he will be standing.” Mitch added, “My parents trust the Sea Eagle to keep me safe.”

“I spend a lot of time at our resort working,” says Pete, “and it always puts a big smile on my face to look out and see Mitch out there catching fish. After seeing all the fun Mitch has with the Sea Eagle, I’d strongly recommend any parent get their kids one. It’s been a great boat for all of us and it’s a great value.”

Sea Eagle 285fpb thumbs up

A happy Mitch Moline poses in his Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat

“I do a lot of damage.”

As we were leaving, we asked Mitch if his boat is tough. “I’m a kid,” says Mitch. “I do a lot of damage. The Frameless Pontoon Boat is so durable we haven’t had any problems.” And when we asked him what he’d change, he told us, “The only thing I would add is a fish finder. Other than that, the boat’s golden.”

Watch Mitch and his Sea Eagle in action on our website. Click here.

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6 thoughts on “TEEN-TESTED, DAD-APPROVED — Sea Eagle Frameless Pontoon Boat is this young fisherman’s dream boat

  1. Would love to hear more about the Sea Eagle Catamaran Kayak 435 and what owners think of it. I just bought one for my husband and we haven’t taken it out yet. Everything I have read has been positive.

  2. Living on a limited income, money comes hard as pensions do not grow. I am saving for a Sea Eagle.
    IU’m wondering if I was to send a deposit followed by an amount each month that when the amount reaches the price of the boat, that it would be sent. Just a thjought as I buy on time most of the things I have today. Ypor response will be awited. Jim

  3. I just received the Sea Eagle 285 fpb frameless pontoon boat. I am thinking about adding a trolling motor. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good light weight battery? I am not that strong and do not want to lug around a heavy battery. Also, I do not want to invest a lot of money into a trolling motor and battery if I do not have to. Thanks

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