Tell the World YOUR Sea Eagle Boating Story

George Davis trolls for Kokanee salmon on Lake Billy Chinook, Oregon, in his Sea Eagle FoldCat

We receive armloads of photos, letters, and e-mails from Sea Eagle inflatable boat owners who love to share their boating experiences and talk about the fun they have with their Sea Eagles.

Like this recent note from Colleen Faulkner, Sea Eagle owner: “We got our Sea Eagle kayak because we have a cabin cruiser and needed something we could use to take our dog, Morgan, to shore. We find the Sea Eagle very relaxing. We like to take it to a little cove in the Navesink River where we relax, read, and hang out.”


Tim Faulkner paddles his Sea Eagle 330 while Morgan navigates



We love receiving these pictures and notes because they’re further proof of what we’ve always known: Sea Eagle boaters are interesting, upbeat, active folk who love nothing more than a great day out on the water.

Every kind of boater

Owner letters and photos prove, too, there’s no one kind of Sea Eagle boater. If you can do it on the water, our owners are out there doing it in their Sea Eagles. That includes every kind of boating from adrenaline-fueled rushes through raging rapids to gentle paddling on placid lakes. Boating in waters from America’s great rivers to those in France, Thailand, and more.

Out for a day on the water in their Sea Eagle FastTrack Kayak

And boaters from twenty-something adventurers to golden-age grandmas and grandpas.

Some of our owners write in to enter our photo contest. Most write simply because they want to share what they enjoy. And many write and send photos just to say, “Thank you, Sea Eagle!”

We recently started posting owner stories and photos on the Sea Eagle Photo Blog you’re reading now. Not surprisingly in today’s computer-connected, social media-active world, our blog gets THOUSANDS of hits, fans, and followers as do our Tweets and Facebook page.

We think it’s clear: the only thing our owners like

Sea Eagle owner, Dirk Darling running the American River in his Explorer Kayak

better than boating in their Sea Eagles is talking and writing about the great times they have.

Tell us YOUR Sea Eagle boating story

So here’s an open invitation: e-mail your photo and story to our Photo Blog Editor,

Who knows? You could be featured on this blog, sharing your Sea Eagle adventures with our world-wide community of boating enthusiasts.

Looks like owner, Larry Green, had a good morning out on the water

(And you don’t have to be a “white water junkie” to have an interesting Sea Eagle story to tell. One of our most-read and most replied-to posts features 78-year young Maggie Dickeson who asked, “Why would you want to post my story? I just paddle around.”)

And while you’re at it, check out our photo contest and our photo gallery where you’ll see dozens and dozens of photos sent in by owners who’re out there doing what you do — paddling, fishing, exploring, sailing, lazing around, having fun, and enjoying the great outdoors in every imaginable activity that’s done on water!

7 thoughts on “Tell the World YOUR Sea Eagle Boating Story

  1. Question: I do canoe trips on the Del River, and would like to switch to a Sea Eagle, so we can launch and return to the same place, (without leaving cars in our start point and our finish point.) Two people, an 80 lb dog, tent, cooler, food for 2 nights — this fits into my canoe. Which model of Sea Eagle would accommodate this load. I intend to use an outboard. Which make, how much HP, would you recommend. (The lighter the better.) Thanks, Bob Edwards

  2. Living near Morro Bay, Ca I have a local great place to introduce my now 8 yr old daughter to some unique experiences on the water. Shortly after the new Sea Eagle kayak arrived, as a xmas present, I took her out to get close up views of Sea Otters and other wildlife and soak up some vitamin D. She loved it! Shortly thereafter, my now ex-wife filed for divorce and I had to move out. The Sea Eagle stayed with the ex and has never come out of its bag in the 2+ years since. Sorry it is not the best Sea Eagle story but it is all I have.

    • Just curious, I have owned, built and paddled many boats, kayaks and inflatables. I own 3 sea eagles. Just curious why you consider these quality crafts as “crap”. (I have no commercial affiliation with the company)

      wolf koster

    • Wondering the same, too. I’ve owned mine for three years dragged it across jagged rocks, stumps and other crazy things and never had a problem, ever. Maybe you could provide a better explanation than blindly bashing the company.

  3. I purchased my 2nd Seaeagle SE8 hull last year after owning the first for over 5 years. Back then I purchased the fisherman’s package with the motormount and floorboards, added a Minkota 55lb trolling motor and Optima Deep Cycle battery. I later connected a swivel seat to the bench seat and an Eagle fish finder that my wife gave me for my birthday. It’s compact enough to pack away in a corner of the garage in the winter and toss in the trunk during the summer. I have taken it all over Washington state, from Lake Washington near Seattle to Duck Lake near Ocean Shores. Last week I packed it in the trunk of my wife’s SUV on a day off and headed to Star Lake near Federal Way. It’s a great lake for trout but public access is limited to about 15′ of shoreline. I was assembled and on the water in 30-35minutes, and at my limit of 5 rainbows in less than 90. Later on this year I plan on purchasing a Forest River popup trailer, and pack it on to complete my camping package. I’ll upload some photos later but just wanted to add my story. It’s a great product that does what I need and I couldn’t be happier.

  4. To say we LOVE our new Sea Eagle 8E is an understatement! Prior to buying it, we owned a 14’ Pelican kayak and really liked it.
    Since we do a lot of camping at fresh water lakes and rivers, we decided the Sea Eagle would be the right boat so we ordered the Fisherman’s package and it came complete with Minn Kota electric motor, oars, pump, seats and motor mount.
    Now we get to do some trolling and have fished in areas that were too far to paddle.
    We’ve caught more fish and cruised more areas than we ever thought possible.
    Now we even hear someone comment on how much they like our little boat and we’re seeing more and more of them at the parks we camp in around Florida.
    Thanks Sea Eagle, you’ve made our fishing life a lot easier and with more fish for dinner!

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