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Mokulua Island off Lanikai on Oahu is a popular spot to boat to. Nancy and Andrew took a sunrise run in their FastTrack™ and had this scenic spot all to themselves.

Sea Kayaking in Hawaii is many a kayaker’s dream. But when you’ve lived there all your life – and kayaked there for years – you’re going to want to try different waters. When it’s vacation time, Nancy and Andrew Morgan, pack up their Sea Eagle FastTrack™ and go kayaking in the continental USA’s National Parks.

“My husband, Andrew, and I have kayaked for years where we live in Hawaii. In the last few years, we’ve vacationed in some of the National Parks in the continental United States.

We’re planning a trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks and want to go kayaking there. We got a Sea Eagle FastTrack™ 465ft because it’s inflatable — that makes it easy to take with you on vacation.

Nancy and Andrew Morgan have kayaked in and around Oahau,  their home island, for years. Here they explore Oahau's Kahana Bay in their FastTrack.

Nancy and Andrew Morgan have kayaked in and around Oahu, their home island, for years. Here they explore Oahu’s Kahana Bay in their FastTrack™.

We’ve done a lot of research on the National Parks. In Yellowstone, we’re planning to go to the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake. In Grand Teton National Park, we’ll go kayaking in Jenny Lake and others.

Living on the windward side of Paradise

We live on the windward side of Oahu Island, right across the street from the beach so it’s very convenient to go boating. I’ve lived  here all my life and Andrew’s family’s been here since the 1850’s. We feel fortunate to live in such a beautiful place. Boating lets us enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, get away from the crowds, and see wildlife like sea turtles and fish. We’ve just always loved boating.

We recently went kayaking on Molii Fishpond, part of the Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. It’s a 125-acre freshwater pond that was created about 900 years ago by the ancient Hawaiians.

Another Molii Fishpond

There’s something magical about Hawaii’s Molii Fishpond — one of just four ancient fishponds that remain on Oahu.

More stable than a plastic kayak

We own two other kayaks — the sit-on-top, plastic kind. We find the Sea Eagle FastTrack™ is more stable than the plastic ones. Even in waves, I can move around and not feel like it’s going to flip over. The first time we went out in the FastTrack™, we were about half a mile out in the ocean when we had to adjust the seats. I did it comfortably because it’s very stable.

Andrew researched Sea Eagle’s boat models and we chose the FastTrack™ because of the rigidity the drop-stitch floor gives. The floor doesn’t flex so the boat performs like a rigid hull boat. When I thought of inflatables, I thought they were like swimming pool air mattresses. But this is really, really strong.

A resounding success

Another reason we chose the FastTrack™ is we wanted to be able to take three people and gear. I went out the first time with Andrew and our 23-year old son, Michael. Michael and I tried it first. He was apprehensive for a moment but soon declared, “This is a resounding success, let’s go back and get Dad!”

I think Sea Eagle is the way to go because it’s so adaptable, easy to transport, and easy to store. You can’t store sit-on-top kayaks very well.  I have a friend in Utah who asked me about it and I told her she should get one. It fits our needs perfectly and we’re very pleased.”

— Nancy Morgan, Sea Eagle FastTrack™ Owner, Oahu Hawaii

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