Nick readies for a day of fishing adventures with his Sea Eagle FoldCat. In the background -- the breathtaking Grand Tetons.

Nick readies for a day of fishing adventures with his Sea Eagle FoldCat. In the background -- the breathtaking Grand Tetons.

Nick knows how to reel in the big ones like this prize rainbow trout

Going to Colorado any time soon? Whether you’re out on a lake fly fishing, or on heading down the highway, you might just cross paths with Nick and Yvonne Bledsoe with their pickup truck, RV, and their Sea Eagle FoldCat. “The Sea Eagle FoldCat is great for RV campers,” Nick told us.

You could find the Bledsoes at an RV campsite beside a mountain lake in the middle of nowhere. “Yvonne and I like to go RV camping. We’ll set up in some remote area where we can get away from crowds and stay a week at a time.” It’s relaxing and a lot of fun. And Nick adds, “RV camping is cheaper than motels.”

You got your dually, your RV, and your FoldCat

Here's the Bledsoe's camping setup -- dually, fifth wheel, and FoldCat. Fun, adventure, and relaxation all in one.

And Nick and Yvonne have discovered what thousands of others have: Sea Eagle boating, fishing, and RV camping are simply made for each other. “We have a Ford 350 dually diesel truck and a 33-foot fifth wheel RV. The RV has storage compartments built in and our Sea Eagle slides in neatly when it’s deflated. We leave it ‘aired up’ while camping. The truck’s big enough that the FoldCat will fit in the back.”

Trailering a hard-hull fishing boat gets expensive in these days of high gas prices. “I’ve had regular bass boats in the past but when I saw the Sea Eagle FoldCat advertised in Trailer Life magazine, I decided to give it a try instead of dragging around a big bass boat on a trailer.”

A lot of fun on a fly rod

“We catch brown and rainbow trout in Antero and Spinney Reservoirs near Fairplay, Colorado, also in the South Platte river, a Gold Medal river.” Nick says, “We catch 3 to 4 lb. rainbow trout. They’re lots of fun on a fly rod.” Yvonne adds, “Our Lake Jackson/Grand Tetons trip was our first big outing with the Sea Eagle. We’ve also taken it to Henry’s Lake in Idaho and Lake Hebgen in Montana.”

Nick’s tried lots of different ways to go after those elusive beauties. “We used to have float tubes, like an inner tube with waders hanging down and flippers. You’d kind of paddle around, kicking your feet but you get tired and they’re hard to get out of. We wanted to have something we could get in together that you didn’t have to drag behind the truck on a trailer.”

Simple assembly

The FoldCat’s simple assembly appealed to Nick. “Other inflatable boats seemed hard to assemble. They have an exterior framework with lots of parts that you have to put together before you inflate it. It takes an hour to get that kind of boat together with all the bolts and tools you need. And most are one-man boats with just one seat.

(Editor’s Note: click here to see a Sea Eagle video that compares the assembly of exterior-frame inflatables and the simple ”unroll & inflate” assembly of the Sea Eagle FoldCat.)

Love RV camping? Love fishing?

Nick shares his experience. “If you’re thinking about a FoldCat, it would be a good idea to get one. It’s real handy to take on trips. Storage is easy and that makes traveling easy. Our Minn-Kota  30-lb thrust trolling motor works well with the FoldCat. I’d definitely recommend the FoldCat – it’s great for RV campers.”

What’s next for Nick and Yvonne? “Our next trip will be RV camping and boating at Antero and Spinney Reservoirs. We’ll send photos!”

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4 thoughts on “Nick & Yvonne discovered, “RV CAMPING & SEA EAGLE FISHING ARE SIMPLY MADE FOR EACH OTHER!”

  1. What great times you are having on your Sea Eagle. Are you perhaps related to the Bledsoe family of St. Joseph, MO.? My father’s sister Mildred married a Jay Bledsoe, who for many years owned and operated a Floor covering store there. Love the Foldcat!

  2. Looks like some beautiful territory and fun way to enjoy the days! I’m a Sea Eagle kayaker, but this looks very interesting also!

  3. I bought a Sea Eagle Fold Cat last year and took it up to the Northwoods of New Hampshire. My brothers and I had a fantastic time fishing for smallmouth bass in the Connecticut Lakes. Assembly was easy as could be and having two men and gear with a total weight of near 450 lbs and a could stiff wind, our 30 lb thrust trolling motor was able to get us through the water with ease. This year I’m going to be purchasing a casting bar for the Fold Cat so I can stand-up and go for those wonderful trout. We have lots of trout ponds in our area and we’re really excited to getting back out on the water!

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