"Women love the fishing life, too!" So says Barbara Drennen, Sea Eagle Owner and one of over 7,600,000 American female anglers

"Women love the fishing life, too!" So says Barbara Drennen, Sea Eagle Owner and one of America's over 7,600,000 female anglers

Please take this quick mental exercise:

Imagine you’re looking out over the water. You see someone out there fishing. What do they look like? Chances are you imagine some guy with a tackle box, rod and reel, poking along, searching for that perfect fishing spot. And chances are you’d be wrong.

7,600,000 American women and growing

You’d be wrong because many fishermen are fisher-WOMEN. Latest data from the American Sportfishing Association says that more than 7.6 MILLION women fish. That means 25% of all who drown worms are fisher-WOMEN. That’s one out of every four “fisherpersons.”

Barb Carey, founder of WI Women Fish and fishing instructor for Becoming an Outdoor Woman told us, “More women are enjoying angling opportunities and are fishing independently without men involved. The women who join our club are looking for other women to fish with. Either their husbands don’t fish, they are divorced, or they just prefer learning and fishing with other women.” And Barb adds, “The number of women ice fishing is really increasing, too.” Another fishing club, the North American Fishing Club, tells us almost half a million of their members are women.

Not news to us

Barbara trailers her Sea Eagle behind her little Kia Soul. "It's so cute," she says.

Barbara trailers her Sea Eagle behind her little Kia Soul. "It's so cute," she says.

Having been in the inflatable boat business since 1968, the fact that women love fishing is not news to us. We count many, many, many thousands of women among our customers. We recently received an email and photos from one of our female customers who stated what we’ve long known: women love fishing, too!

Dear Sea Eagle — I just want to share my photos because I just love my new boat. My little Kia Soul tows my boat and it is so cute. Your website has men and this just shows women can enjoy the fishing life as well. If you want to put this on your website you can. It is a great advertisement. I have a great boat and trailer set up for my 124 Fisherman’s Dream package.   —  Thank you, Barbara Drennen

Barbara’s super boat

Barbara bought the Sea Eagle 124 Super Motor Mount boat – the largest of Sea Eagle’s motor mount boats, the “ideal boat for fishermen and weekend boaters on a budget.” She selected the 124smb Fisherman’s Dream Package that turned her 124 into the ultimate recreational fishing craft.

Towing or stowing?

Like some Sea Eagle boaters, Barbara keeps her Sea Eagle inflated and trailers it to and from the water. Most, however, don’t bother with a trailer. When they’re ready for an hour, a day, or a week on the water, they’ll throw their UNINFLATED Sea Eagle in their car trunk and inflate it at the water’s edge in as few as five to 15 minutes That means no trailer to buy, license, maintain, or back up at the boat ramp.

Calling all Sea Eagle FEMALE ANGLERS:

FISHER-WOMEN, please join Barbara Drennen in letting the world know that “Women Love Fishing, too!” Please email us your Sea Eagle fishing story and PHOTOS, too. Then be sure to visit this blog often because we’ll post the best ones right here at blog.seaeagle.com!

Do YOU have a Sea Eagle story and photos to share? Please e-mail us. Our blog readers (women AND men) want to know what you’re up to!

7 thoughts on “WOMEN LOVE FISHING, TOO!

    • Hi Radouane,

      Happy to hear you are enjoying your new 124smb Motormount Boat! There is no specific trailer for our boats, so you can do a quick internet search for “boat trailers” which will provide you with local and online dealers.

  1. Barbara, Enjoyed your story and pic of boat and trailer. Check me out in the August Archives “I’m 80 Years Young and I’m Not”. I built my trailer this last spring and love it as much as you do yours. Perhaps I could be of some help to your responders. John Nichols, “thenichs@charter.net”

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