My Solar Power Dream, Part II

By Cecil Hoge Last month, I wrote a blog post about my experiments with solar power and how I hope solar power in combination with electric outboards will soon be practical to motor our inflatable boats. I would now like to tell about our first introduction of a true solar powered electric motor boat which we presented last month at the Miami Boat Show – Our Sea Eagle 10.6 inflatable boat with a 3 HP 1003 Torqeedo electric motor, and a PowerFilm solar panel mounted directly on our Sea Eagle canopy. We introduced this particular configuration at the Miami Boat … Continue reading My Solar Power Dream, Part II

Winter Paddling In a FastTrack

By Cecil C. Hoge, Jr. I designed the Sea Eagle FastTrack and I think it is the easiest to paddle, easiest to transport, most responsive, most stable, safest inflatable kayak in the world. But rather than tell you how good it is, perhaps I should tell about how I use it. I live on the water and I paddle at least 10 months a year. In the winter, my tidal bay tends to ice over for one month or so and if the ice is thicker than a 1/4″, I forego paddling. Simply put, I don’t want to be a ice-breaker. Aside from the … Continue reading Winter Paddling In a FastTrack