3 thoughts on “Out for a Sea Eagle Adventure

  1. I like the wheels. I inflate as close to shore as possible, but wheels would certainly give mobility. Have a set of plans? Materials list? Please help me.


  2. I have a sea eagle 185 fast track kyak. I made a dolly to carry it. I used a 2 wheel box cart and lied it flat and straped it to the end using Velco straps. Then I just pick up the other end and off to the beach I go. My son has strapped the end without wheels to the back of his track and towed it very slowly. For safety do not allow anyone to ride in it. This was cheap to do, about $20 for the cart and $5 for the velco straps.
    I just bought a used suit case cart for $10 and I am going to do the other end this year to I can hook it behind the truck or pull it like a wagon as I walk to the beach. It will carry all the things I need …life jackets, paddles, etc. Both carts are very small when folded up, if I am coming back to the same spot I lock them to a tree.

    Hope this helps!

    Keith Beck

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