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LAND SURVEYOR TAKES TO THE WATER — Civil engineer surveys bodies of water with his FoldCat

For you and me, a day on the water is a day of sun and fun with some boating, fishing, swimming, a little suntan lotion, a burger or two, and some general goofing off. Not so for Dan Wachob, of … Continue reading

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Braving the Waves — Kayaking in the Gulf of Mexico

We regularly receive photos, letters, and e-mails from Sea Eagle boaters. Here’s a note from today’s inbox. “My family and I love our Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. My son and his friends use it locally in the streams and rivers … Continue reading

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Winter Paddling In a FastTrack

By Cecil C. Hoge, Jr. I designed the Sea Eagle FastTrack and I think it is the easiest to paddle, easiest to transport, most responsive, most stable, safest inflatable kayak in the world. But rather than tell you how good it is, … Continue reading

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