She’s 78 Years Young & Loves Kayaking!

“You don’t have to be a little old lady sitting on the shore doing needlepoint!” That’s what Sea Eagle boater, Maggie Dickeson, says. Maggie knows of what she speaks: she’s an active hiker and boater in the East Kootenays, British Columbia, Canada. Maggie’s 78 years young. An active lifestyle The East Kootenays (pronounced KOOT-nees), in Canada, north of the U.S. Idaho – Montana border, are remote. A recent census pegged population at about 56,000 inhabitants in a region of about 27,600 square miles. That’s about two people per square mile. And as you’d expect, those are some hardy folk. “The … Continue reading She’s 78 Years Young & Loves Kayaking!

Kayaking in France

If you’re a kayaker seeking travel, adventure, and a full dose of beautiful, bucolic scenery, go kayaking on the great rivers of France. There are plenty to choose from including the Loire River, the Garrone, Rhone, Dordogne, and more. Kayaking and wilderness camping in France We talked recently with a Frenchman who does in France what kayakers do on rivers all around the globe: pack their kayaks, point them downriver, and head out for a day – or many days – of boating, exploring, enjoyment, relaxation, and camping in beautiful natural settings. French kayaker, Jacques Saunier, caught the kayaking bug … Continue reading Kayaking in France