"Women love the fishing life, too!" So says Barbara Drennen, Sea Eagle Owner and one of over 7,600,000 American female anglers

"Women love the fishing life, too!" So says Barbara Drennen, Sea Eagle Owner and one of America's over 7,600,000 female anglers

Please take this quick mental exercise:

Imagine you’re looking out over the water. You see someone out there fishing. What do they look like? Chances are you imagine some guy with a tackle box, rod and reel, poking along, searching for that perfect fishing spot. And chances are you’d be wrong.

7,600,000 American women and growing

You’d be wrong because many fishermen are fisher-WOMEN. Latest data from the American Sportfishing Association says that more than 7.6 MILLION women fish. That means 25% of all who drown worms are fisher-WOMEN. That’s one out of every four “fisherpersons.”

Barb Carey, founder of WI Women Fish and fishing instructor for Becoming an Outdoor Woman told us, “More women are enjoying angling opportunities and are fishing independently without men involved. The women who join our club are looking for other women to fish with. Either their husbands don’t fish, they are divorced, or they just prefer learning and fishing with other women.” And Barb adds, “The number of women ice fishing is really increasing, too.” Another fishing club, the North American Fishing Club, tells us almost half a million of their members are women.

Not news to us

Barbara trailers her Sea Eagle behind her little Kia Soul. "It's so cute," she says.

Barbara trailers her Sea Eagle behind her little Kia Soul. "It's so cute," she says.

Having been in the inflatable boat business since 1968, the fact that women love fishing is not news to us. We count many, many, many thousands of women among our customers. We recently received an email and photos from one of our female customers who stated what we’ve long known: women love fishing, too!

Dear Sea Eagle — I just want to share my photos because I just love my new boat. My little Kia Soul tows my boat and it is so cute. Your website has men and this just shows women can enjoy the fishing life as well. If you want to put this on your website you can. It is a great advertisement. I have a great boat and trailer set up for my 124 Fisherman’s Dream package.   —  Thank you, Barbara Drennen

Barbara’s super boat

Barbara bought the Sea Eagle 124 Super Motor Mount boat – the largest of Sea Eagle’s motor mount boats, the “ideal boat for fishermen and weekend boaters on a budget.” She selected the 124smb Fisherman’s Dream Package that turned her 124 into the ultimate recreational fishing craft.

Towing or stowing?

Like some Sea Eagle boaters, Barbara keeps her Sea Eagle inflated and trailers it to and from the water. Most, however, don’t bother with a trailer. When they’re ready for an hour, a day, or a week on the water, they’ll throw their UNINFLATED Sea Eagle in their car trunk and inflate it at the water’s edge in as few as five to 15 minutes That means no trailer to buy, license, maintain, or back up at the boat ramp.

Calling all Sea Eagle FEMALE ANGLERS:

FISHER-WOMEN, please join Barbara Drennen in letting the world know that “Women Love Fishing, too!” Please email us your Sea Eagle fishing story and PHOTOS, too. Then be sure to visit this blog often because we’ll post the best ones right here at blog.seaeagle.com!

Do YOU have a Sea Eagle story and photos to share? Please e-mail us. Our blog readers (women AND men) want to know what you’re up to!

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SAILING AMONG THE ICEBERGS in Greenland’s Tunulliarfik Fjord

Greenland's Tunulliarfik Fjord is awsomely beautiful in its austerity; a perfect spot for the rugged outdoor adventurer and the Sea Eagle PaddleSki.

Greenland's Tunulliarfik Fjord is awsomely beautiful in its austerity; a perfect spot for the rugged outdoor adventurer and the Sea Eagle PaddleSki.

Icelander, Gudmundur R. Ludviksson is, among many other things, an intrepid Sea Eagle adventurer.

Icelander, Gudmundur R. Ludviksson is, among many other things, an intrepid Sea Eagle adventurer.

He’s an artist, a photographer, a videographer, a poet, a musician, a professional chef…and a bonafide Sea Eagle adventurer. Gudmundur R. Ludviksson, an Icelander living at the southern tip of Greenland, is a Renaissance Man of the highest order.

Gudmundur sent an email and several photos of his Sea Eagle boating adventures to our ongoing Photo Contest and we were intrigued.

Hello, Sea Eagle,

I sail my PaddelSki here in Greenland and it has been fantastic. It’s better than I thought it would be. I have sailed in stormy weather and it surprises me how well it works in strong winds and big waves. And on sunny days the sailing is beautiful.

I sailed my 40-foot yacht in the Mediterranean for many years, but this is a new experience for me and much closer to nature. I can take it everywhere. Fantastic. Worth of every penny and more.

Next week I’m going to sail up a nearby fjord (around 100 km), and spend three days in that trip. There are many beautiful icebergs everywhere in the fjord.

This PaddleSki is the first kayak with a sail here in Greenland. At first, people laughed at my PaddelSki, but now they don’t, and I have heard some of them planning to buy their own, especially the company here who rents kayaks to tourists.

Best to you and many thanks, Gudmundur R. Ludviksson

 What’s your story, Gudmundur?

“My education in art is four years in the Icelandic Art Academy,” says Gudmundur. “I also spent three years at the Rotterdam Art Academy in The Netherlands, and one year at the Frankfurt Art Academy in Germany. And I’ve graduated from Hotel and Restaurant school as an a la carte chef.”

When he’s not in his art studio painting; sculpting; photographing; or publishing his online art magazine, TROÐNINGUR (in Icelandic) you may find Gudmundur hard at work in the kitchen of one of Greenland’s finest hotels.

The PaddleSki's big enough, and tough enough, to brave icy waters. Note Gudumundur has rigged it with a sail.

The PaddleSki's big enough, and tough enough, to brave icy waters. Note Gudumundur has rigged it with a sail.

Or you might find him sailing his Sea Eagle PaddleSki among the icebergs in the Tunulliarfik Fjord near Narsarsuaq, Greenland. “The fjord is quite long,” he tells us, “and is filled with icebergs but there’s a beautiful view.”

No newcomer to boating, Gudmndur owned and piloted a 40-foot yacht for many years. “I sailed in Greece and Turkey; to Rhodes, all the Greek islands, Sicily, Malta, Tunisia, Majorca, Spain, and many other places.”

His first kayak

But, he tells us, he’s new to Sea Eagle kayaking. “This is my first kayak and I love it. I can get very close to nature in it. The PaddleSki is fantastic and carries everything I need for camping; my tent, food, camping supplies, and more.”

As you might expect, the northern latitudes have their fair share of foul weather. “I’ve sailed in good weather and in bad and stormy weather, but the PaddleSki surprises me with how well it handles in a strong wind.”

“I looked for a long time for a kayak,” Gudmundur tells us. “I went to Denmark to buy one but I found the Sea Eagle website www.seaeagle.com first. The PaddleSki interested me because it was possible to have a kayak with a sail on it. Now I’m very glad I chose this one.”

5 boats in 1 but the sail sold him

Here's the PaddleSki set up as a sailing craft near our headquarters in Port Jefferson, Long Island, New York.

Inflatability gives every Sea Eagle significant portability and storage advantages over boats with hard hulls. But the PaddleSki is unique among boats because it can be set up five different ways: for paddling, motoring, rowing, sailing, or fishing.

Gudmundur says it was the sail that sold him. That and the price. “I chose Sea Eagle because of the good price, the fantastic service, easy online ordering, and good website. I chose the PaddleSki because it has a sail!”

Do YOU have Sea Eagle photos and stories to share? Our blog visitors want to see them! Email us today!

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BOATING SAFETY FIRST — safe boating for great fishing

Raymond Perry emailed us this photo recently of this largemouth bass he caught on Elk Fork Lake, West Virginia.

“My brother Michael and i went out on Elk Fork Lake yesterday. Gave the New 14SR a test run, she did great, its all about families doing things together and Sea Eagle is making that happen. We fished a few hours, did not catch any Bass or Catfish that day. That’s the way fishing goes at times, but we had fun being out in the 14 SR and as you can see the water was very muddy. The new 14SR performed great and we both enjoyed the nice day on the lake. We watch for wildlife — you may see anything from a deer to a raccoon or a happy cow sometimes. We are going to send some picture as we catch fish also. Thanks, Raymond”

“My brother Michael and I are real big on boating safety,” says Raymond Perry, Sea Eagle 14 SR owner from Hurricane, West Virginia. Choosing a boat based on its safety was a major consideration for the Perrys.  “Of course we wear life preservers the whole time we’re on the water,” adds Raymond. “Better to float than sink!”

“The Sea Eagle 14 SR is sound and stable. My brother liked it over all the other boats we looked at because it doesn’t sway when you stand up and cast,” says Raymond. “Some boats feel flimsy and tippy but the Sea Eagle’s large pontoons make it stable in the water.  You could stand on the pontoons!”

Favorite of rescue teams, fire departments

A popular choice by police, fire departments, and rescue teams, the Sea Eagle 14 SR is one big, rugged inflatable boat. Measuring a full 14’ long and 6’ wide, it has a big 84 sq. ft. footprint that distributes the weight of passengers and cargo. With weight spread over that big an area, the 14 SR is solid and stable in the water. Heavy duty, 19” diameter wraparound tubes made of 1000 denier reinforced marine material form the boat’s sides and gunwales. And flat, rigid polyethylene floorboards give firm, stable footing.

“We chose Sea Eagle because they make one of the best boats there is,” says Raymond. “We looked at all kinds but had our eye on the Sea Eagle because of the way they’re built — strong and safe.”

Lots of room for friends

“We chose the 14 SR because we felt it’s the most stable of Sea Eagle’s boats,” Raymond told us, “and because it’s big enough for us to haul some of our friends when we go out fishing. They love it. Sea Eagle makes a lot of great boats but the SR has the most room.”

“You should see the looks we get,” Raymond continued. “Even people with $50,000 bass boats stop us and ask about it. It’s a good looking boat and others are amazed by it because it’s lightweight and can go more places than their big boats.”

Many of the brothers’ nearby lakes limit motors to 10HP. Raymond’s just under the wire with a 9.9HP 4-stroke Nissan outboard on his 14 SR. “That’s plenty,” he tells us. .

“We’ve caught more fish than at any time in our lives.”

For Raymond and Michael, boating’s all about fishing. “We fish for bass, catfish, trout, bluegills, and more,” says Raymond. Their local haunts include Elk Fork Lake near Ripley, West Virginia, and stretches of the Ohio River.

“We’ve fished for years but the 14 SR has opened up so many areas we can go now that we couldn’t before.”

Ray explained. “A regular bass boat will bottom out in shallow water but the Sea Eagle has a shallow draft — it sits higher in the water.” Ray says he and Michael can ease in and tilt the motor up, put the oars in, and get into shallow areas where the fish are. “We’ve caught more fish than at any time in our lives.”

Some Sea Eagle boaters, like Raymond and Michael, like to trailer their boats. Most carry them deflated in the car trunk or pickup truck bed and inflate them at the water's edge.

All Sea Eagles are inflatable — a major advantage because you don’t need to trailer it. Trailering’s is not necessary when you can deflate your boat and throw it in your car trunk. But some boaters like Ray and Michael prefer to trailer their Sea Eagle. “We put it on a trailer because it’s easiest for us. One man can load and unload.”

It’s all about the fish

The Perry brothers love fishing and their Sea Eagle. Raymond says, “Michael and I have the greatest time fishing in our 14 SR. Thank you, Sea Eagle!”

Do YOU have Sea Eagle photos and stories to share? Our blog visitors want to see them! Please email us today.

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Here's FoldCat fisherman, Wayne Grewcock, with one big pike
Here’s FoldCat fisherman, Wayne Grewcock, with one big British pike!

One Big Pike

 “This fish is a pike I caught with my FoldCat on the River Trent this summer. It weighed 13 lbs which is big for where we caught it. British pike can grow up to 40 lbs but it is very rare. My son has caught one at 25 lbs.

It was a bright and sunny evening with no wind which is not very good for catching pike. But on this occasion this fish took my lure right next to the FoldCat and made me jump when it hit because I wasn’t expecting it. This fish pulled me and my son almost 20 yards upstream before we could land it.”

Wayne Grewcock is a licensed skipper, a dedicated fisherman, and a Sea Eagle FoldCat owner who lives in Ashby de la Zouch (prounounced “Zoosh”) in Liecestershire, England.

“I’ve boated for 20 years, mostly sea fishing,” says Wayne. “I have a skipper’s license but now I boat for pleasure.” And pleasure means three things for Wayne: fishing; fishing with his three sons, Wayne Jr., Keeran, and Michael; and taking his beautiful granddaughters, Elizabeth and Olivia, out for boat rides.

Here’s Wayne’s youngest son, Michael, out for a spin in Dad’s FoldCat. His loyal but furry companion is named Jack. Wayne says, “Jack will sit on that seat all day long. I’ll go out in the FoldCat if Jack will let me have a seat.”

Wayne’s youngest son, Michael, takes a spin in Dad’s FoldCat. His loyal but furry companion is named Jack. Wayne says, “Jack will sit on that seat all day long. I’ll go out in the FoldCat if Jack will let me have a seat.”

“The only boating I do these days is with my Sea Eagle FoldCat,” Wayne told us. “I fish mainly in rivers and canals in England’s Midlands.” You’ll frequently find Wayne on the River Trent, one of England’s major waterways. “The Trent is very fast and challenging,” says Wayne. It’s also unusual in that it flows north in the latter part of its course. Closer to home, Wayne boats and fishes nearby canals and the River Soar that’s “a lot slower but very deep – up to 16 feet deep,” says Wayne.

Big fish in England’s rivers & canals

Legend has it that King Richard III of England was “buried at sea” in the Soar. But Wayne’s not searching for the old king. “I’ve caught many fish including perch, chub, pike, and zander up to about 20 lbs,” Wayne tells us. Zander is a popular game fish in Europe, occasionally tipping the scales at over 40 lbs.

“Fishing is a way of life for me and my three sons.”

“I have 3 sons,” says Wayne, “all fishermen, so this little boat is out on the water five days a week for seven months of the year. Fishing is a way of life for me and my three sons. It’s a lovely way to spend personal time with each son. The challenge and sport of fishing – the desire to catch a bigger fish than last time — is addictive. I find boating and fishing so peaceful. I feel I’m part of the nature and wildlife around me, not an intruder.”

“The young man is Michael again with my grandchildren Elizabeth 8 and her sister Olivia 6, We were taking them for some pop and crisps at the pub down the canal for a treat.

We asked Wayne to tell us more about his experiences with the FoldCat. “My Sea Eagle FoldCat 375 has done many miles over the four years I’ve owned it. I use it mainly for fishing and occasionally take my grandchildren for a ride. I take it out whenever I can if my son’s dog, Jack, lets me have my seat. The FoldCat is a fantastic boat — so quick, simple, and reliable. And most of all it’s very robust.

I chose Sea Eagle because the price. I did some research on the internet and found some good reviews. The material you use for the tubes persuaded me to buy. And I chose the FoldCat because it’s easy to carry around and to transport, and for the quickness for getting in and out the water —  inflating and deflating. The swivel seats are comfortable and make it easy to turn around. And it’s stable in the water.

Fishing in canals – no waiting at locks

A lot of fishing in Britain is on canals where there are locks to go through. One of my sons can carry the FoldCat around so we don’t have to wait to go through the locks. The electric motor makes this boat so quiet, it helps you sneak up on fish which is a big bonus. The only thing my little boat lacks is an attachment for the seat for a cup holder and a small compartment for car keys and mobile phones etc.

The only FoldCat in England?

I have never seen another FoldCat in England but the interest we get when we’re on the water is unbelievable. People are fascinated. We get stopped so many times asking where it’s from and how much it costs. I would highly recommend it to my friends, relatives, and anybody else.”

Do YOU have a Sea Eagle story & photos to share? E-mail us today — our blog readers want to know what you’re up to!

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Their home is a 65’ trawler; their “car” is a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

Every day's a great day when you live full-time aboard your own boat. The Greenes "commute" between Toronto, Canada and the Bahamas

While living in the Bahamas, and living full time aboard Boatel I, the Greenes use their Sea Eagle Adventure Kayak as their "car" to go from boat to shore and back again.

Do you ever wish you could quit your job, quit the rat race, get off the corporate treadmill, and sail off into the sunset? Diane and Ted Greene dreamed it…and then they did it.

Ted was a Director of Information Technology in regional Canadian government; Diane managed big accounts in the software industry. Both grew tired of the stressful grind. And in 2004, they changed their lives by stepping off the corporate treadmill and into their new home, a 65’ custom-built trawler.

Full-time “live-aboards”

Now the Greenes are “live-aboards,” living full time on the water…and loving it. No lawn to mow, no property taxes to pay. “We prefer a living on a boat,” says Ted. “It’s a lifestyle,” says Diane. “We love living on the water. We can move anywhere we like.”

And they do move. The Ted and Diane sail south to spend eight months of the year in the Bahamas. Then they sail north to spend four summer months in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Summers in Toronto, they open their floating home to travelers as “Making Waves Boatel,”  Toronto’s only floating Boat Bed & Breakfast. Docked full time at Toronto’s Harbourfront, the Greene’s “boatel” offers unique accommodations for visitors…and great breakfasts.

In the Bahamas, Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is their “car”

At summer’s end, Diane and Ted take down their boatel shingle for the season and sail their trawler to the Bahamas where they anchor offshore in Georgetown’s Great Exuma Harbor. Just as land-dwellers need cars to get around, the Greenes need a yacht tender – a smaller boat to go between shore and their big trawler. They have an inflatable dinghy and a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak.  “The dinghy is our work boat,” for supplies and groceries, says Diane. “The Explorer Kayak is our pleasure boat.”

Ted brings home the bacon, spearing a 4 lb. lobster in the Bahamas.

And the pleasure may be anything from exploring in the mangroves, to fishing, snorkeling, or spearing a lobster for that evening’s dinner.

“We go to Conception Island Land and Sea Park in the Bahamas,” says Diane. “No motors allowed, paddling only. We go into the inner lagoon through a series of shallow channels. We see turtles there.”

Kayak envy

 “We wanted a kayak but didn’t know what we needed,” said Diane. “Ted’s brother-in-law has a Sea Eagle. He described it, recommended it, and we bought one. We’ve been real happy with our Explorer Kayak.”

“Every time we go out in the Explorer Kayak, people ask us ‘What is that? Where did you get it?’ I think they have kayak envy.” Diane says, “Our kayak has the web address printed on it, SeaEagle.com , and we tell people to go there to see them.”

The Greenes found a way to make their Sea Eagle pay its own way. “We rent our Sea Eagle to our Boatel guests,” says Diane. “They’ll boat from where we dock along the Toronto waterfront through the harbor and out to an island where they go swimming.”

Home Sweet Boat -- Ted & Diane Greene at home on their 65' trawler

Winters in the Bahamas, summers operating a one-of-a-kind, floating B&B, all the while tooting around in a Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak “pleasure boat.” Wouldn’t you quit your job for a lifestyle like that?

Do YOU have Sea Eagle STORIES to tell and PHOTOS to share? Our blog readers want to see! Email us your STORIES and PHOTOS today.

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— Outdoorsy couple finds the perfect family activity – kids and all

Ben's decked out for fun and safety in his kid-size life jacket

4-year old Ben Sutton is all decked out for a day of fun in his dad's Sea Eagle 370. Note Ben's snug in his kid-sized life jacket - must-have equipment for every boater including pint-sized ones like Ben.

Mike Sutton and his wife Carolyn live on the shores of Lake Ontario, at Ashbridges Bay near Toronto, Canada. They have two young children and a Sea Eagle 370 Sport Kayak.

But when the kids came along…

The Sutton boys - Ben (left) & Mike

Meet the Sutton boys - Ben (left) & Mike

The Suttons are what Mike calls “outdoorsy types.” For example, “We went boating the morning of our wedding in the Muskokas, Canada’s ‘land of lakes.’ We’ve paddled Lake Moraine near Banff, Alberta; sea kayaked off Quadra, Vancouver Island and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.”

Things got a little less outdoorsy when Ben came along four years ago, followed by Sam nine months ago. “Now that we have kids, it’s a whole lot more difficult to get out together to do outdoor things,” says Mike. “We go for bike rides or walks in the park and bought a camping tent we’ll use as a family. But it’s difficult with a 9-month old.”

Originally from New Zealand, Mike loves the outdoors but not Canada’s long, tough winters. “Toronto has some pretty horrific winters,” he tells us. “When you’re locked inside for a quarter to half the year, you want to get out and make the most of sunny weather.”

Minimal storage space in a city home

The inflatable Sea Eagle rolls up and tucks neatly in a closet

“I wanted to get back into canoeing and kayaking again, but without a garage I didn't have a place to store a large canoe. I could rent a kayak from the local yacht club, but doing that more than two or three times cost as much as a new canoe. The Sea Eagle tucks in a closet.”

Living in the city, Mike had to consider storage space, too. “We’ve got minimal storage space indoors and no garage,” says Mike. “A boat we could roll up and store easily was a fantastic idea.” Mike says lots of people in the city love the idea of going out on the lake, but where do you put the boat? The Sutton’s 12’ 6” boat tucks in their hall closet.

Naturally, cost was a factor, too. “I didn’t want to spend two or three thousand dollars. I wanted to start off with something that was a reasonable investment and also had quality. The 370 is not a huge financial commitment.”

Mike’s quest: find affordable, outdoor, warm weather, family activities… that didn’t call for storage space. Online searches led him to the Sea Eagle website.  “I read a lot of reviews online on both Sea Eagle and other inflatable boats,” says Mike. “I knew I wanted an inflatable; one that wasn’t a toy. Online review gave Sea Eagle a very good rating for toughness.”

Mike considered the Sea Eagle 330  but a number of reviews said that the extra leg room in the 370 was worth the few extra dollars. “I thought the 330 would probably be fine if just Ben and I would be using it. But I’m 6’2” and my wife’s tall, too. We go out together, so it just made sense to get the bigger boat.” Mike looked at Sea Eagle Explorer KayaksYacht Tenders, and Motormount Boats.  “If we were racing or exploring, the FastTrack might be a good choice. But the 370 Sport Kayak seemed to fit our needs best.”

Ben's ready for a day at the beach in the Sea Eagle 370

“My 4-year old, Ben, and I take our Sea Eagle down to the water on his wagon. 10 minutes later we're paddling along, getting bugged by the locals on the boardwalk. 'Where’d you get it? How much was it? Is it stable? How long does it take to inflate?'”

Safe for kids?

Of course safety is on every parent’s mind. Mike reported, “I think it’s pretty safe for kids. I like that you’ve got separate air chambers in the sides and floor. It’s got high sides and it’s very stable. I feel more comfortable with this than a hard sided canoe.”

Down at the beach, Mom and Dad share kid-duty. Caroline stays ashore with young Sam while Mike takes Ben out in the Sea Eagle. Then Mike stays with Sam and Caroline paddles with Ben. (Editor’s Note: seems like Ben somehow gets in on EVERY ride…)

And when it’s parent’s time out, their Sea Eagle takes the Suttons farther afield. “We can walk to the beach, unpack, and paddle to the far side of Toronto, all along the Toronto waterfront, into all the little waterways and marinas. When we get to the other side, we just roll it up and take public transportation home.”


“We were afraid the quality would be like boats from Canadian Tire, equivalent to Walmart in the USA,” says Mike. “Use them for two days and you’re done. But boating down the Grand Canyon we saw how tough these can be. Getting the Sea Eagle worked out really well. I recommend it.”

Future plans, solo & family

Mike says the nearby Humber and Don Rivers offer a challenge he’d like to try — class II and III rapids. Then there’s what’s known locally as “cottage country,” an area a couple hours north of Toronto with thousands of lakes and rivers. “It’s the playground for Toronto residents,” says Mike.

And he told us of a plan that’s a few years off. “When our kids get a little older, I think we’ll probably get a Sea Eagle 330 and put the kids in one and Mom and Dad in the 370 and go out side by side.” And that’s exactly how a lifetime of happy family memories are made.

Do YOU have Sea Eagle stories & photos to share? Our blog readers are eager to see them. It’s simple — just email them to our Blog Editor!

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KAYAKING IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC — Adventures in Paupa New Guinea

The enjoyment of Sea Eagle kayaking is a universal language

“At Christmas, my wife Bev was teaching the local Lihirian kids how to paddle our Sea Eagle kayak. Their normal mode of transport on the water is a dugout canoe with outrigger. As you can see from the photos they loved it and became experts in no time. We continue with the exploration of this amazing place in our Sea Eagle and congratulations on a great product.”

It’s always fascinating to hear from Sea Eagle boaters from all around the globe and learn about their boating experiences half a world away.

We recently received an email from Paul and Bev Hinton who call Austrailia home but live and work in Paupa New Guinea (PNG) in the gold mining industry. They own a Sea Eagle 420 Explorer Kayak.

Bev's little passenger is used to paddling a dugout canoe but she adjusted quickly, and happily, to paddling the Hinton's Sea Eagle 420 Explorer Kayak.

“My wife and I have a Sea Eagle kayak which we have currently on Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea. I brought the kayak to enable me to explore the many wonderful waterways and inlets around the island and it has proven to be a very stable platform for activities from photography, fishing, snorkeling and just pure fun with the local Lihirian kids.”

“We are based in Paupa New Guinea…”

Would you agree it's a different world in Paupa New Guinea? Photo courtesy Wikipedia

Would you agree it's a different world in Paupa New Guinea? Photo courtesy Wikipedia

“My wife Bev and I work for an Newcrest Mining, a large Australian gold mining company. We are currently based at Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG). I am commissioning manager for the project and Bev works in the administration department.

We work three weeks on and two weeks off, flying to Lihir Island from our home in Bunbury, Western Australia which is two hours south of Perth.

South Pacific volcanic islands

Lihir is made up of four small volcanic islands that form part of the New Ireland Province of PNG and is home to native Lihirian people. They are very friendly and welcoming which is quite refreshing.

“My wife and I have a Sea Eagle kayak which we have currently on Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea. I brought the kayak to enable me to explore the many wonderful waterways and inlets around the island and it has proven to be a very stable platform for activities from photography, fishing, snorkeling and just pure fun with the local Lihirian kids.”

“My wife and I have a Sea Eagle kayak which we have currently on Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea. I brought the kayak to enable me to explore the many wonderful waterways and inlets around the island and it has proven to be a very stable platform for activities from photography, fishing, snorkeling and just pure fun with the local Lihirian kids.” Paul's photo shows Putput Village on Paupa New Guinea's Lahir Island.

Lihir is an island made for exploration by small boat thus the reason to choose Sea Eagle 420 Explorer kayak. It’s light and easy to carry when required but stable enough to deal with the open oceans around the island.

Water depth here drops away very quickly to in excess of 200 meters (656 feet) within 150 meters (492 feet) from the shore and is surrounded by reef and bommies (shallow coarl reefs) so having a shallow draft boat is a definite advantage and the tough lining on the Explorer kayak’s hull is also reassuring.

“I’d never owned an inflatable kayak.”

I have owned a kayak in one form or another for many years now and find it a great way to get to those out-of-the-way places either inland, through river systems, or along the coastline, exploring the coastal bays and mangroves. I had never owned an inflatable kayak before but it suits my needs here for transport and storage.

I researched inflatable kayaks on the internet and the Sea Eagle name stood out among the others on quality and pricing so I placed an order online and it was waiting for me in Australia upon my arrival home on R&R around ten days later. Great service!”

Do YOU have a Sea Eagle boating story and photos to share? (They don’t have to be as exotic as the Hinton’s!) Please email us………hundreds of our blog readers what to see what you’re up to.

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