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The Adventures of 4 Boys, 1 Dad, and a Sea Eagle 370 When kids enjoy their early boating experience, it can lead to a lifetime of nautical fun and adventure. We heard recently from a Sea Eagle 370 owner who … Continue reading

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“WE LIVE IN PARADISE” — RV’ing & Sea Eagle Kayaking in St. Petersburg

“We live in paradise, and now we can enjoy it even more. Thank you, Sea Eagle!” Julie Olson and her boyfriend, Larry Allen, live in the St. Petersburg, Florida area and are the proud owners of a brand new Sea Eagle … Continue reading

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CAPTURING A WILD & VANISHING FLORIDA — Professional photographer kayaks deep into Florida’s pristine wilderness

Ask a friend, “What’s Florida like?” and they’ll say something like this: “Florida’s got wonderful sandy beaches; luxury hotels; tons of shopping malls; golf courses; sunshine; orange groves; great weather; Disneyworld, of course…and the Everglades.” They’d be correct…but only partly … Continue reading

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KAYAKING the UPPER MISSOURI RIVER — 6 days, 120 miles, from Coal Banks Landing to Kipp Recreation Area

OR — The Kayaking Adventures of Beatrice Marx We spoke recently with Beatrice Marx of Kingston, Washington who told us of her recent six-day, six-night, 120-mile kayaking trip in a Sea Eagle 380x Explorer Kayak down the Upper Missouri River…solo. … Continue reading

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A Sea Eagle Inflatable Boat & a Jungle Hammock: KAYAKING AROUND PHU QUOC, VIETNAM

Tim Rann lives in Hanoi. While working for an adventure travel company, he worked for a company that hosts tours for socially-conscious travelers who want to give back during their travels. He currently works in “social businesses” — sustainable enterprises … Continue reading

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WORST TORNADO IN MISSOURI HISTORY — water rescue & recovery aided by Sea Eagle 14SR

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME Sea Eagle boats are in use by hundreds of fire departments and rescue teams all over the world. The work these men and women do forces them to use (and abuse) their boats far, far … Continue reading

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CREATURES OF THE KUZURYU — Kayaking unknown waters in rural Japan

“I stopped paddling. The boat glided in perfect silence. I strained hard, scanning the depths. There was something down there. And it was moving. Deep down, just on the very limits of visibility, a large, dark form glided beneath me.” — from … Continue reading

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